Pedigree - Pipperoo Born To Entertain, The Entertainer, Keeps U Entertained

EE&LV&LT&BALT JCH BALTJW-09 LTJW-10 Trudy's BNT Made For Heidelind











Trudy's Hey Dude


Kayra's Calif Dream At Trudys  


Am Ch Kayra's Busting Out Diamonds

Joart's Diamond Chips
Kayra's Dancing Duchess

Kayra's D'Manding One

Joart's Captain Of My Heart

Kayra's Angel On My Shoulder

Am Ch Trudy's Aiming For The Top

Am Ch Jan-Shars Dudly Doright 

Tookeyes The Gold Smith


Jan-Shars Gone And Done It

Trudy's Cream Delight


Am Ch Trudy's Country Club

 Trudy's Delicate Lace

Trudy's Top Of The Line



Am Ch Trudy's Wild Guess



Trudy's Special Edition

Wyndlor-N-DJs Oliver Twist

Trudy's Myra

Trudy's Hootie Owl

Trudy's Tiny Tim
Trudy's Spanish Peanut


Showin's Feminine Mystique

Am Ch Barbara's Dancing With Silver


Cj's Gay Cvilier


Hazel's My-T-Fine Prety Misty

Showin's Call Of The Wild


FI Ch Pipperoo As Good As Gold

Int&Am&Rus&Est&Lv&Ltu&Balt Ch LtW-07 Glen Iris Evian D'Castile  



Heartland's Too Close To Call

Am&Can Ch Jolvin Cyber Space Warrior



Ch Chinadoll's Terminator

Can Ch Jolvin's Pieces Of Eight
Star Haven's Christmas Cahce

Star Haven Race To Glory 

Star Haven's Medicine Dance  

Am Ch Glen Iris Castle In The Sky 

Am Ch Glen Iris Castle Rock

Am Ch Glen Iris Ivanhoe

Am Ch Tim Sue's Evening Lights

Thistle Magic Kira Of Glen Iris

Am Ch Glen Iris Dances With Wolves

Gatwick's Wednesday

Int&Fin&Swed.&Ltu&Svn Ch Biconty's Sound Of Music




Fin Ch Bi-Mar Biconty Hotline 


Bi-Mar's Supreme Newsmaker  

Am Ch Bi-Mar Sunny Supreme

Bi-Mar Sadie Mae


Golden Aires Dancing Marketta 


Am Ch Golden Aires True Reward 

Golden Aires Make A Wish





Fin Ch Biconty's Wild Wild Witch


Fin Ch Southpaws N De Nick Of Time

Am Ch Mo Beta Star Stopper

Am Ch Southpaws Good Gollie Molly

Southpaws Rock N Express

Am Ch Starhaven's Rock N James Brown

Wee Heart's Enchanted Evening